From The Black Book of Carmarthen

[Arthur]:        What man is the porter?

[Glewlwyd]:    Glewlwyd Mighty-grip.
                        Who asks it?

[Arthur]:         Arthur and Cei the Fair.

[Glewlwyd]:    Who comes with you?
[Arthur]:         The best men in the world.

[Glewlwyd]:    To my house you will not come
                        unless you deliver them.

[Arthur]:         I shall deliver them
                        and you will see them.
                        Wythnaint, Elei,
                        and Sywyon, these three;
                        Mabon son of Modron,
                        servant of Uther Pendragon,
                        Cystaint son of Banon,
                        and Gwyn Godybrion;
                        harsh were my servants
                        in defending their rights.
                        Manawydan son of Llyr,
                        profound was his counsel.
                        Manawyd carried off
                        shields pierced and battle-stained.
                        And Mabon son of Mellt
                        stained the grass with blood.
                        And Anwas the Winged
                        and Lluch of the Striking Hand,
                        they were defending
                        on the borders of Eidyn.
                        A lord would protect them;
                        my nephew would give them recompense.
                        Cei would entreat them
                        as he struck them by threes.
                        When the grove was lost
                        cruelty was suffered.
                        Cei would entreat them
                        while he cut them down

[Cei (?)]:        Though Arthur was but playing,
                        blood was flowing
                        in the hall of Afarnach
                        fighting with a hag.
                        He pierced the cudgel-head
                        in the halls of Dissethach.
                        On the mount of Eidyn
                        they fought Dog-heads;
                        by the hundred they fell.

[Arthur]:           They fell by the hundred
                        before Bedwyr the Fine-sinewed
                        on the strand of Tryfrwyd.
                        Fighting with Garwlwyd,
                        fierce was his nature
                        with sword and shield.
                        Vain was an army
                        compared to Cei in battle.
                        He was a sword in battle;
                        he pledged with  his hand.
                        He was a resolute chieftain
                        of a host for the country’s good.
                        Bedwyr and Bridlaw,
                        nine hundred to listen,
                        six hundred to disperse
                        would his attack be worth.
                        The servants that I had,
                        it was better when they were alive.
                        Before the lords of Emrys
                        I saw Cei in haste;
                        prince of plunder,
                        the tall man was hostile.
                        His revenge was heavy;
                        his anger was sharp.
                        When he drank from the buffalo horn
                        he would drink for four;
                        when he came into battle
                        he would strike like a hundred.
                        Unless it were God who did it.
                        Cei’s death could not be achieved.
                        Cei the Fair and Llachau,
                        they made slaughter
                        before the pain of the blue-tipped spears.
                        In the uplands of Ysafngwn
                        Cei pierced nine witches.
                        Cei the Fair went to Anglesey
                        to destroy lions;
                        his shield was small
                        against the Clawing Cat.
                        When people ask
                        who pierced the Clawing Cat.
                        (nine score warriors would fall for its food,)
                        nine score champions

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