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Celtic and Arthurian Literature

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This site features the early Celtic, English, and French poems
and stories from which the modern Arthurian legend developed.

The Early Welsh Tradition
From Canu Aneirin
Elegy for Owain son of Urien
From "The Stanzas of the Graves"
Geraint filius Erbin
From the Black Book of Carmarthen
The Spoils of Annwn
From the Triads of the Isle of Britain

The Chastity-Test Tales
The Boy and the Mantle

The Tale of Culhwch and Olwen
Culhwch and Olwen
The Catalog of Arthur's Companions
The Quest for Olwen
The Expeditions of Arthur's Men: Wrnach's Sword
The Oldest Animals and the Freeing of Mabon
Dillus the Bearded and Other Quests
The Hunting of Twrch Trwyth
The Witch's Blood
The Winning of Olwen

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